Magic Dreams

My work is a world of beauty. It is how I imagine life. It is in my imagination of hopes and dreams. No matter if it is stainless steel sculpture or paintings or works on paper. My world is full of color, a world of beauty. Yet it is inside of me, like it has a purpose to be discovered. Maybe it’s not a real world but it is a world I create for myself. It’s a magic world of dreams.
The landscapes are not seen from the horizon line but from within. The lines and colors are all inside the landscape: the stones in a river bed, the cracks in granite walls on mountain tops and stormy skies; Nature looking back at me through its own eyes. That’s what I see.
When I work with the figure it’s all magic. It’s a world of dreams and many things. It’s a fantastic world of magic dreams.
I don’t follow any style of art other than what I create for myself. It’s independent of an art world. That world  I’m not sure of. I follow my heart and soul. I’m, happy there. I’m satisfied with that life. Yet sometimes I feel my journey is alone. I imagine my art it is my imagination. No matter how it turns out, it is my imagination; a world of beauty, a world of magic dreams